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Face The Music Together

Lesson Information and Rates

Generally kids under 12 are best kept to a 1/2 hour lesson though they are all

individuals and there are exceptions. I have taught students from 6 to 60.

At the younger end of the spectrum it is somewhat about the expectations of

the parents as extended focus is hard to come by for the very young.


My initial lesson/evaluation, is about 45 minutes but the charge is only for 1/2

Hr. For kids under 13yrs I require that a parent be there for that lesson to

make sure everyone is comfortable and to help answer some questions that

the student might have trouble with.

I also encourage parents to sit in on future lessons so they can reinforce what

is gone over for later in the week.


My lessons are meant to be fun and challenging.

They will generally comprise of 3 equal parts.


1. Reading, music is it’s own language and has it’s own notation that we

can communicate ideas with. Every drummer should learn that skill.


2. Technique, without proper technique, a student will not be able to go

past a certain point on the instrument. This will become frustrating for

them and interfere with their progress and enjoyment.

3. Drum Set Playing, I believe it is important to get the student playing

to music as quickly as possible as this is our main purpose in wanting

to play in the first place. When a student realizes they can keep a beat

to music they hear around them it is very motivating.


Lessons are generally paid on a monthly basis and are weekly on the

same day and time. It may be possible to do every other week if the

schedule permits.


Weekly Lesson Rates are as follows:

1/2 HR, $35

45 Minutes, $50

1 HR, $60


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule

lessons for yourself or your child.


I can be reached at:


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